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JDE Technical Resource

Project detail

  • 8+ years of work experience with Orchestrator experience, JSON, working
    with APIs, Groovy and all UDOs.
    · Strong hands-on experience on all JDE application toolset like OMW Workbench including
    Data Dictionary (DD), Table Design (TDA), Business View design (BDA), Forms Design
    (FDA), Table Conversions (TC), Report Design (RDA)[includes BI publisher both RTF
    Design and Excel Template Design],Universal Table Browser (UTB), Data Structure
    Design, Processing Option Design (PODA), Business Function Design Tool (C, NER),
    Workflow, Business Services(includes Providers and Consumers) and E1 Pages.


  • Extensively worked in requirements definition, design and analysis, development of
    technical specifications, custom reports and applications, programming, debugging re-
    ports, applications, business functions, Workflow and Business Services, implementa-
    tions, integration, documentation, and testing.


  • Expert in development, enhancement and upgrade projects to retrofit Tables, Views, Da-
    ta Structures, Business Functions, Reports and Applications.


  • Experience in working with localization requirements like modifying standard reports,
    applications and business functions using LMA logic for different countries.


  • Hands on experience on Business Services (includes Consumers and providers) by
    creating and modifying the existing logic. In case of Providers, from Web Method
    software, sales order input is entering and passing through business services and
    creating the sales order with the help of Business Functions and Table I/O’s. In case of
    Consumers, creating web service proxy with the help of WSDL file from third party
    software and creating business service to input data from JDE and get output from third
    party software.


  • Application analysis/troubleshooting skills with good communication, analytical, interper-
    sonal and presentation skills.

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