Looking for a freelancer to develop an e-commerce platform on Magento similar to Nesto/Carrefour and then integrate the platform with Microsoft Dynamics 2017  

I need someone to upload the employee appraisals and grades within Api EBS

I am looking for someone who has power portal and api integration experience, I need help with a certain task. The work is around 6-8 hours.  I am stuck with a project and need guidance. Let me kno...

Need a freelancer to assist me with ABAP coding. I'm having a difficulty that I can't seem to solve.  It's nothing complex; I only wanted to create a layout and a few buttons to activate various ite...


I am looking for someone to build a Command Center workflow.  I have a rough flowchart of what i need.   

Looking for someone who can set up automations, campaign creation on Zoho One.